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Our story

30 years experience

Diesl.com is a leading manufacturer and distributor of telecommunications equipment and Satellite and DTT signal reception devices. We offer all the accessories you might need to complete an installation with TV signal via satellite reception, off-air and cable as well as provide broadcast equipment and test and measurement devices. Not only we select and collaborate with other brands in the industry, but also designed our in-house brand, Diesl.com.

We started more that 30 years ago in Barcelona, Spain being only distributors. But thriving passion to achieve the best product offer in the market made us launch our own products. Our Team of Product Development Improvement was the responsible for studying our client’s needs in order to design and test the Diesl.com products. Nowadays, we have several on-street stores and partners across Spain and Europe as well as an online shop that delivers both nationally and internationally.

What’s our offer

Satellite Kits

Set of products ready to start off an installation.


Installation accessories, tools, distribution systems, measurement devices and attachment accessories.

Individual attention

Our customer service will provide support before, during and after the purchase.

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Exclusive prices and advantages

What’s special about Diesl.com products?


We are committed to bring you the best quality keeping fair prices.


Our products are always tested and quality-certified by our Team of Product Development.


Our products are designed to succeed under challenging weather conditions.


All our customers are backed up by a 2 year guarantee.